Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bohemian Rhythm

Coachella Valley music and art festival in California is the 'thing' for summers. With rockers from Kings of Leon to Arcade Fire to Duran Duran to Mumford and Sons, everyone playing, people are bound to let let their hair down and go crazy. It's the time of the year to shed off layers of clothing and flaunt the 'bare' bohemian love affair with music and art. Here are the best of 2011's Coachella music festival:

Love the long sheer printed jacket, messed up hair, tinted shades.Love it.

Minimalism+White=The summer of 2011

New Obsession: Crop Tops

Absolutely love the shirt, its lazy drape and the hat. Don't miss the fringed bag!

My favorite look of all, Drew Barrymore looks gorgeous in this fringed top, so Jack Sparrowish. Love it.

Summer code: White.Check.Maxi.Check.Sheer.Check.Flower Power.Check.Check.Check.
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