Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Louis Vitton Style

A very pleasantly unexpected kind of shoot from Vevre Magazine, spotting the tall and hot Liza Haydon on the streets of Israel.
December 2010 issue of Vevre Magazine-India. Photographed by: Anushka Menon.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rick Owens: Fall 2010

I say it right and I say it right(!) when I say 'Everything that Rick Owens touches, turns Leather!' Check out his Fall 2010 collection:

Goddess on Earth!

Oh ya, you read that right! Michele Lamy is the wife, muse and collaborator of the very awesome, Rick Owens. If you think that Rick Owens' 'black-leather' looks are "dark", then Mrs. Owens is way beyond. Think tattooed fingers with gold-platted teeth, she reminds me of a Gypsy Witch. A former striptease dancer, defense attorney, philosophy student, singer, composer and a successful designer, Lamy has quiet a few professions to brag of(not to mention the fanclubs her jewellery line is creating!). Here she is unvieled by Steven Klein for French Vogue of November 2010.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

These boots are meant for walking...!

Do you know the meaning of satisfaction? Of undying love? Ya? Well, for me that love is for Boots. It's just too bad that it's next to impossible to wear boots here in Mumbai due to the atrociously burning hot weather, seconded by the is-she-freaking-mad looks from people, considering that we just have two seasons that we could talk about(read super-hot summers and wild monsoons). But as you know, Love is blind. So here I present to you my favorite fives from Net-A-Porter:

4.5inches Sawyer leather slingback wedges from Elizabeth & James perfects any ensemble.

Marni's 5.5inchesblack satin lace-up peep-toe slingbacks are a fantastic twist to the classics.

These 5inches buckled suede ankle boots from Burberry are absolute perfection.

Chloe's 4inches peep-toe wooden and leather wedges. Oh my God, I can kill to get my hands on these!

6inches Alexander McQueen Byzantine-inspired gold-tone floral-engraved heels. I just can't take my eyes off these.